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le libido

♥Name: Ceci
♥Sex: Female
♥Age: 14
♥Sexual Preference: Eh, interesting question. Whatever comes my way, I suppose.
♥Location: Austin, Texas. Howdy, ya'll.
♥religion: I don't really have one. I believe that there is something in control of this all, at least I hope so, but there's too much politics in organized religion.
♥How you found this community: Lisa.
♥Link 2 communities or 5 people that you promoted to: Can I lie and say I did? No really, I love you! I'll promote if it turns out you like me. *shrug*
♥10 favorite bands: AFI, Placebo, The Distillers, Silverchair, Dead Can Dance, The Smiths, Interpol, Cursive, Hole
♥5 favorite books: American Gods, Lost Souls, Memnoch the Devil, The House of the Spirits, Mort
♥5 favorite movies: Edward Scissorhands, American Beauty, Life as a House, Velvet Goldmine, Big Fish
♥favorite object: All of the jewelry I've ever gotten as a gift. Something about the necklaces, bracelets, and rings really mean something to me.
♥If you where stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring and why?: Some form of music and my friend Andrew (he's the one in the skirt in that last picture). Mostly because I need the both of them.
♥Who is your hero/idol and why?: I have so many heros, it's unreal. I don't want to be them, but they never cease to amaze me. To name one or two, Joey Luke, because she's just been an amazing friend to me and has been through hell, and I suppose Brian Molko. He's such a free spirit.
♥Why you applied: I suppose because I was bored. Could be fun.
♥link to your userinfo: Here.
♥1-10 how hott are you?: Somewhere around 5 or 6. Sometimes I think I look good, other times I don't.
♥3 pictures clearly showing your face:

My odd group of friends and I. I'm the one with the pink tie. Oh baby. ^_^
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