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Name: Michelle <3
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Sexual Preference: Guys <3
Location: Houston, Tx
religion: Baptist
How you found this community: I was invited
Link 2 communities or 5 people that you promoted to:
10 favorite bands: Taking back sunday..yellowcard..the startingline..coheed&cambria..thrice..sugarcult..silverstein..AFI..smashing pumpkins
5 favorite books:A walk to remember..lullaby..someone like you..fightclub..thenotebook
5 favorite movies: the crow~city of to deal.pirates of the caribbean.buttefly
favorite object: English
If you where stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring and why?:lipgloss b/c it makes your lips its my life..water b/c its essential to life
who is your hero/idol and why?: My aunt..she was diagnost with breast cancer..she tried to fight it but it won..i still admire her courage and miss her dearly..she was a beautiful woman..<3
Why you applied: I was invited and yall seem awesome!
link to your userinfo:
1-10 how hott are you?: 7
3 pictures clearly showing your face:

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i'm harsh.
"10 favorite bands: Taking back sunday..yellowcard..the startingline..coheed&cambria..thrice..sugarcult..silverstein..AFI..smashing pumpkins"

where do you go from liking a kick ass band like the smashing pumpkins to haveing a ashlee simpson icon?

i say no. i'm sorry. it's more of a application then loks. your pretty but i think your personality and looks make hottness. not just looks.

p.s. a 8? that's a little high. maybe a 6?

yeah I problem..thanks anyway...
I think that previous person was being a bit too harsh. First of all, just because you like actual bands doesn't mean you can't have your share of popular stuff, too. I don't see how that matters.

I also think you're very pretty. It's good that you recoginize that, most people I know that are never seem to think they are.

Plus, I love AFI, and your hero answer was really admirable.
Subject says it all. <3
Eh its all good..this is yalls community and yall say what goes..its fine..and yes i agree my opinion of my beauty was a bit high so i changed it to a 7..i have self confidence sometimes..but thank you for being such a doll<3 BTW i love your icon <3<3<3
yeah. i was a bit harsh sorry. i just really blunt. i say what's on my mind no regrets. i think i get it from watching Queer AS folk and admiring Brian Kinney.
hey its kewl no worries.. hehe have fun..<3
I say yes, but I agree that your rating maybe a little high, def not a 6, but not an 8, so I give you a 7
yes i know thats why i changed it to a 7 but thank you<3
I say yes because you're cute and you like AFI and Smashing Pumpkins. =D
your cute and you like tbs and coheed and cambria. woohoo.
your bands sucked besides coheed and cambria but your awnser to whos your idol/hero was touching and im also sorry i have to say yes becuase you are pretty :D so yes
thank you <3
i like most of the bands you lisated and i'm really sorry to hear about your aunt..
i'll say yess
Adding off of mias accepted comment--
sorry for the delay in my vote or whatever--I've been out of town.

Now go promote the hell out of us. Also, behind a cut, post a 100x100 picture of you for our accepted members page.
your really pretey hehehe my taste of music is diffrent so i wouldn't really no anything about the bands that you like .