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Sexual Preference:um i donno
How you found this community:I know the MODS
Link 2 communities or 5 people that you promoted to:This is my first community
10 favorite bands:Black Eyed Peas,Spice Girls,Gunit,DestinysChild,*Nsync,Nappy Roots,D12,No Doubt,and Maroon 5
5 favorite books:Charlotes web , The diary of anne frank , The Long Winter, Little House in the Big woods , and Little house on the prarie
5 favorite movies:Never been kissed , Clueless , Riding in Cars with boys , Shes to young , and Love actually
favorite object:My earings and brown rosary
If you where stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring and why?:My star earings i love earings , rosary so i can pray to get off the island , and t.v to keep up with whats going on
who is your hero/idol and why?:My cousin Kwame because he is very independent and he teaches me so much and he always talks to me about everything there is no topic we wont discuss. And he is my favorite cousin and I just admire everything he does . Also he wants to be a lawyer like me.
Why you applied:I wanted to see how a community was and the journal looked reall pretey.
link to your userinfo:
1-10 how hott are you?:I dont know 6
3 pictures clearly showing your face:Could someone teach me how to post pictures?




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