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?Name: Brittany
?Sex: Female
?Age: 18
?Sexual Preference: Straight
?Location: Santa Maria
?religion: Wiccan
?How you found this community: A search
?Link 2 communities or 5 people that you promoted to: None yet, but I promise that I will when I get more free time!!!
?10 favorite bands: Nightwish, Tori Amos, Bijork, Tool, Machinae Supremacy, Switchblade Symphony, Alanis, Fiona Apple, The Cranberries, Malevolent Creation, and Flaw... oops, thats more than 10 isnt it? Oh well.
?5 favorite books: Depford Trilogies by Robin Jarvis, Illusion by Paula Volsky, Time Master Trilogies by Louise Couper, The Vampire Cronicles by Anne Rice, and Timeline by
?5 favorite movies: Dead Alive, Labrinth, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Dark Crystal, Run Lola Run, Legend, FernGully, And a lot of others
?favorite object: Johnny Depp... does he count? :crosses fingers:
?If you where stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring and why?: Johnny Depp of course!!! I wouldnt need anything else except maybe some food and water, but even then it's still optional.
?who is your hero/idol and why?: Um, I would have to say that mu hero/ Idol would be, erm....Do I have an Idol?....the closest thing that I can think of as an "Idol" is Tori Amos and that is because I really love her music and the way she presents herself in a way that doesnt catter to the male chauvanistic style like most other female artists these days.
?Why you applied: Because there was some shearly morbid part of me that honestly wants to know if I am hot or have those few select people (my parents) been lying to me my whole life.
?link to your userinfo: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_fallyn_
?1-10 how hott are you?: 3 maybe a 4 if I am lucky and you happen to be in a good mood.
?3 pictures clearly showing your face:
Out in front of Olive Garden
I like fishnet ok? Lol.....dont ask
I swear that is slushie in my mouth!!! I was playing DDR.... for some demented reason I actually like that pic....
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