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Name: Michelle <3
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Sexual Preference: Guys <3
Location: Houston, Tx
religion: Baptist
How you found this community: I was invited
Link 2 communities or 5 people that you promoted to:
10 favorite bands: Taking back sunday..yellowcard..the startingline..coheed&cambria..thrice..sugarcult..silverstein..AFI..smashing pumpkins
5 favorite books:A walk to remember..lullaby..someone like you..fightclub..thenotebook
5 favorite movies: the crow~city of to deal.pirates of the caribbean.buttefly
favorite object: English
If you where stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring and why?:lipgloss b/c it makes your lips its my life..water b/c its essential to life
who is your hero/idol and why?: My aunt..she was diagnost with breast cancer..she tried to fight it but it won..i still admire her courage and miss her dearly..she was a beautiful woman..<3
Why you applied: I was invited and yall seem awesome!
link to your userinfo:
1-10 how hott are you?: 7
3 pictures clearly showing your face:

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